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1) Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

Our veterinarians may recommend this useful diagnostic tool to identify the underlying cause of a problem and we offer this service with our state-of-the-art digital machine for quick immediate results.


X-rays can allow the doctors to examine not just bones, but also lungs, heart, abdomen (stomach area), mouth & head, and almost every other area in the body. These are often used to diagnose an illness or to monitor existing conditions. Some of the common causes you pet may need an X-ray taken is for a fractured bone, joint problems, ingestion of a foreign object, heart disease, any many more.

2) Ultrasound

With todays medical advancements, we are proud to offer ultrasound procedures to examine your pet's illness, especially when they are not successfully identifiable with an X-ray. For example, illness associated with masses, tumors, or an internal organ associated disease, an ultrasound can produce "live" pictures of pet's organs and inside. Ultrasounds don't always require sedations, as are needed with X-rays and take about 30 minutes to perform. This means that you can have treatment options provided to you almost immediately depending on the results of the ultrasound. Note that this service does need to be scheduled in advance, so contact us today to make your appointment.

Other diagnostic tools used:

Our in house lab is equipped to perform everything from routine parasite testing (such as fecal tests) to pre-anesthetic blood tests. 

Pre-Anesthetic ("Pre-surgery/Pre-dental") Bloodwork

Fecal & Parasite Tests

Any Blood Test with lab partners (Out-Sourced)

Skin scrapings

Woodlamp Tests


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