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Routine check-ups have proven to be the best defense against diseases, injury, parasites like fleas & tapeworms and many other preventable problems. A health problem that is detected in its early stages has a much higher chance to be resolved. That is great news for your pet as a greater success is seen with less difficulty, but also helps our clients as the issue is less expensive to tackle in the early stages. 


Whether it is your first time bringing in your furry friend or a returning visit, the veterinarian will perform a comprehensive overall health exam on pet during your first or annual visits. We encourage our clients to also discuss any specific issues they are currently noticing with their pet (diet, bathroom habits, activity level, etc.) and have the doctor examine, educate and when applicable, treat specific conditions. 


Experts recommend that dogs & cats should be examined at least once a year. It is encouraged for senior pets to have more frequent exams (> ~7yr).


These thorough examinations are invaluable in prolonging your pets life and keeping your pet happy and feeling great.



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