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GAH would like to thank our clients and employees for being patient during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our clinic follows recommendations from the CDC and the local health department to reduce risks of exposure to our clients, our employees, and to the community. Like you, our goal is to get back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. 

Please find the latest details regarding updates and changes to the appointments, and the overall services we offer below.


MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 - 6:00 SATURDAY 10:00 - 2:00


NOTE: hours may be variable,

please call ahead


Currently we are offering all regular services through this means - whether your pet needs vaccines, is sick, or simply needs food or medicine. Simply drive up, and call or text the numbers displayed on the windows of the clinic. More details below.



We are following the highest standard of disinfecting and cleaning throughout the clinic. Employees are vaccinated or wear masks at all times, and wear and change gloves when necessary. Employees are also staying home if they experience any symptoms identified by CDC relating to covid-19, and will be asked to follow doctor and state recommendations. If you have any special requests regarding your visit please do not hesitate to notify us and we will do our best to accommodate.

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COVID-19 Service Guide

GAH's highest priority remains the utmost well-being of our clients and their fur-babies. Although the current times are impacting our daily lives, GAH is dedicated to providing the excellent care and service that you can normally expect. Some measures have to be taken for us continuing this mission in a safe and healthy manner for everyone involved. You will find details below regarding everything GAH below:


We are offering all the normal services we have always provided, however we are not able to accommodate walk-ins any longer due to these unprecedented times. Appointments allow us to prepare and provide the best care for your pets. So please schedule ahead of time! 


Due to extended times needed for each appointment, and our dedication to provide all the normal services for our patients you will note that we have limited availability as a consequence. If your pet is healthy, please call us at-least well in advance to schedule your appointment so that we have ample time to provide for sick patients who need urgent care. Your healthy pet can still be seen as an urgent care appointment if you need more immediate care.

Curbside Service

Almost all visits will begin with a curbside check in. Please remain in your vehicle as your arrive into the parking lot. You may also notice that appointments may run longer than normal due to the extra precautions and steps we must take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can expect to spend anywhere between 15mins - 2 hours for regular appointments and longer if your pet needed a more extensive work up. You may notify us and leave during the appointment but please keep your phone on at all times for staff members and doctors to reach you.

Your visit would go something like this: 

1. Call or text the phone-numbers listed on the windows to notify the staff that you are here to check in for your pet. 2. A staff member will obtain necessary details from you over the phone and check you in. Remain in your vehicle until you are asked to come in or bring your pet in the lobby to meet a staff member. 

3. If your visit is without a pet, we will do our best to complete a check out at the same time. This will limit the walk in traffic in the lobby. See below for medication/ food pick up info.

4. If your appointment is regarding your pet, a staff member will bring your pet to the treatment area where the doctors will perform their examination, or a technician will attend to your pet if it is a tech appointment (such as nail trims, blood draws, suture removals, etc.).

5. A staff member will call the phone you provided at check-in to discuss the findings, when applicable. The doctor will discuss any tests or treatment recommendations at this time.

6. All planned treatments or tests will be done while the pet is in the treatment area. 

7. You will receive documentation for all the services provided via email or text. 

8. Review the information and return to the lobby to check out when notified.

As you can imagine, each appointment require many additional check points which was not normally needed. Even though we do our best to get you and your pet on the way quickly, we also do not want this to affect the service that we provide in a detrimental way. For this reason, your appointments may run longer than what you may be accustomed to. You are not required to wait in the parking lot for the appointment but please discuss this with a service member to get a better idea regarding wait times for that day. 

Please do not hesitate to ask us to further clarify any part of your pets visit! Although we are doing this on a daily basis and learning as we go, sometimes things can be missed or miscommunicated over the phone but are efficiently conveyed in person. 


Contact us PRIOR to arriving to schedule a curbside pick up for any items that your pet needs. Please call or text us from your car to notify us that you are in the parking lot to pick up the item(s) for your pet. A staff member will notify you when to come into the lobby to check out and pick up the necessary items. 


Thanks for submitting!

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