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Full in-house pharmacy

A full in-house pharmacy lets our staff prescribe medications at the correct dose and amount for your pet. It is our goal to provide our patients with the best medication at the correct dose & form. We provide you with simple specific instructions on the bottle that you can follow at home for the frequency of mediation. If you have questions about the medication or its dosage, call us right away to clarify your concerns at (206) 528-3838. 


At Greenwood, you can be assured that you can easily obtain any medication indicated for your pet at a competitive price. You can also email us or call us for easy refills! Please provide the name of the pet and full name of the primary owner, and which & how many medication(s) in your online requests.


Some medications require continued monitoring due to their effects on the body. Such medications warrant routine blood tests to continue the medication on the correct dose & keep your pet healthy. New medications or medications that are not current, may require the pet to be seen by a veterinarian. 


In-House Lab:

Our in house lab is equipped to perform everything from routine parasite testing (such as fecal tests) to pre-anesthetic blood tests. We help our patients in need with any test as we work closely with our lab partners. 
Full panel Blood-work


Skin scrapings


Full in-house

Pharmacy & lab work

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