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At Greenwood Animal Hospital we offer microchip lost pet IDs that can be identifiable at any shelter, animal control offices, or veterinary hospital in the U.S and numerous foreign countries. This is a 15 digit code that is identifiable internationally. We know the frightening situation that can arise from a lost pet without identification. This is why we offer this major ID for our patients. The microchip gives the pet a special, one of a kind identification (ID) number. This number is associated with a database and linked with your contact information. You will access to enter, update, and change your personal information at anytime after registering your pets ID number online.


This permanent pet identification is reliable, safe and very quick to implant. We have returned many pets to their respective owners, often the same day, by IDing the lost pets brought to our clinic and obtaining the owners contact information. If your pet does not have a microchip ID, please contact us to schedule an appointment. 



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